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The Chicago Sun-Times is the hardest-working paper in America, covering the stories and issues that matter most to Chicago’s working men and women with depth, integrity and grit. Winner of eight Pulitzer prizes, the Sun-Times features hard-hitting investigative reporting, in-depth political coverage, insightful sports analysis, entertainment reviews and cultural commentary delivered directly to readers, in print and online.

Our mission

To deliver Chicago’s truths, fiercely urban character and trending buzz. To cover the stories and issues that matter most to Chicago’s working men and women.

Our pledge to you



To work for the common man and woman,
because there is nothing common about them.

The fireman. The nurse. The teacher.

The ones who play by the rules instead of bending them.
Who help others before helping themselves.

The carpenter. The doctor. The cop.

The ones in the nosebleed seats and the upper deck.
Who root and cheer. And wait till next year.

The cashier. The engineer. The soldier.

The ones who ride the L. And salt the streets.
On whose shoulders this beautiful city of big shoulders was built.

The author. The cab driver. The entrepreneur.

Our cause is liberty and justice.
Not only for the powerful or for the rich.

But liberty and justice for all.

As citizens we make that pledge to our flag.

As journalists we make that pledge to you.

To root out corruption and crusade against greed.

To call out what is wrong with America

even as we honor what is right about this land we love.

The every man. The every woman. You.

We are in this together. Your support makes it possible.

Please encourage others to join us by sending them to suntimes.com/subscribe.

Thank you.

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