Allstate Stars

As part of our commitment to support young artists in Chicago, Allstate is proud to empower the next generation of Allstate Stars.

The art Webster is currently producing is music-driven, but he also enjoys other forms of storytelling like journalism, videography, documentaries and building websites.
Growing up as a Christian on the Far South Side of Chicago, Maxey started singing and playing music in the church. Before long, he had fallen in love with percussion.
Since being with Joffrey, Patterson has been able to channel her creativity and reassure herself of her accomplishments thus far.
Medina describes the cuatro as the instrument you would get if a guitar and violin had a baby, but the sound is much more like a mandolin that has 10 strings.
Through an internship program, the ChiArts senior has been able to lead art-making activities, studio programs and workshops and create his own gallery tours at the AIC.
“I don’t even really have the words to describe it. It feels great when you dance because it’s a different world from your own,” the budding dancer says.
The budding actress says seeing women and people of color in prominent roles on the stage has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.
“I hope my story motivates people to keep on going with their dreams,” says the Senn High School senior.