Alec Karam

The lightness in the mural near the Wilson Avenue L station is meant to draw people to its image of a father holding the lifeless body of his daughter — a comment on the lives lost in the Syrian and Afghan wars.
Byron Taylor, a Chicago artist known as B’Rael Thunder, painted ‘Sowing Seeds’ at a legal aid clinic. He says all of us need a chance to become ‘a greater version of ourselves.’
As a child, Louise ‘Ouizi’ Jones learned to paint flowers using watercolors. Now, she paints murals filled with her signature giant bouquets around Chicago.
It pays homage to the classic fighting games that many of the 19 artists involved grew up playing, pitting characters from them against each other.
She took her inspiration from a Chinese myth that tells the story of a persistent carp’s journey to becoming a dragon.
The Humboldt Park artist says the message in the mural on a Metra viaduct on 55th Street near South Lake Park Avenue is that kids, like plants, need to be nurtured to grow.
The artist — real name Terence Byas — says the mural also is meant to honor author R. Buckminster Fuller and Mae Jemison, the first Black woman in space.
‘I had a lot of family members . . . in and out of prison. So, for me, that was my mental escape, signified through the idea of a bird being free.’