Alexandra Arriaga

Audience engagement specialist

Alex Arriaga is a former audience engagement specialist.

Dos músicos locales construyeron un santuario llamado Casa Al-Fatiha para solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ.
A medida que aumentan esas cifras, algunos líderes políticos latinos y expertos en salud han cuestionado si los funcionarios de la ciudad se han enfocado en culpar a las víctimas
Latinos in Illinois have contracted the coronavirus at more than three times the rate of the white population.
Their plays have examined women’s social conditions, power dynamics between landowners and oppressed workers and the marginalization of indigenous populations.
The literary festival brings together expression across borders but also across disciplines, including visual art, music and film.
The Sunday evening lineup is a a celebration of women in all styles of comedy.
Colombian duo specializes in the upbeat tempos of epic festival in Barranquilla.
A judge threw out the company’s lawsuit after the state ordered it shut down.
Estimates suggest the city lost more than 7,000 residents from 2017 to 2018.