Andy Shaw

Politicians calculate what they say and do. Journalists turn what they say and do into stories. And every now and then they interact like normal human beings.
Real fandom — the deep-seated kind that becomes part of your persona — starts when you’re young and, as Len Kasper can attest, stays with you forever.
Reversing the flow of this presidential election, as engineers famously did with the Chicago River in 1887, is the ultimate pipe dream.
Is the answer some type of reparations? Perhaps. But only as part of a long-term integration and equalization plan.
Remote learning in Chicago last spring was a bad joke. Teachers in New York offered twice as much live interactional learning and gave assignments that were twice as challenging,
Thousands of loyal Chicagoans stand ready, willing and able to support Lightfoot as she reinvents Chicago government.
To curb gun violence, city needs to look at more than tougher sentencing.
Resistance to independent oversight is commonplace among state and local officials in both parties
We can’t let them hide conversations that affect our lives and our tax dollars in personal email accounts that are often inaccessible.