Don Rose


Don Rose is veteran Chicago journalist and an independent political consultant who specializes in progressive candidates. He writes a weekly column for the Chicago Daily Observer.

The only real way to defeat Hamas is to negotiate civil and land rights for all Palestinians.
The new president’s American Rescue Act is landmark legislation, close in importance to FDR’s Social Security Act and LBJ’s Medicare Act, the great socialist achievements of the last century.
It’s not about staying on the right side of the former president. It’s about creating an excuse to pass laws that block fair elections the next time around
There is no question that large numbers of teachers will be put at risk needlessly — and the threat goes beyond teachers. Kids and their families will be at risk as well.
What about President Donald Trump’s self-acknowledged superb negotiating skills? Might he not have tried negotiating with Iran as he has with North Korea? Just asking.
Since then, and up to this very day, racism and its unholy companion, xenophobia, have been defining elements in Chicago’s culture
I have been going to Paris since 1954, and it was the first monument this Jewish kid sought out.
One case was resolved in favor of socio-political fairness, the other for artistic freedom.
In this still unmelted melting pot of the USA we share and assimilate many aspects of each others’ cultures, from arts to eats.