Harry Mark Petrakis

At a time when many people are required to cope with home projects because of the pandemic, I recall a time when I actually succeeded on one.
I have lived enough years and attained an age where I understand more about the refuge and serenity a cottage and lake provided my father.
The power of the dream personified by the Statue of Liberty remains an imperishable force today
Despite Sgt. Mike’s warnings, by summer’s end I had mustered the courage to drop out of school. When the academic year began, I went to inform Mike of my decision and to return the epaulet. Hoping the summer interlude would have changed my mind, he was bitterly disappointed.
Libraries had been an integral part of my childhood and my teens.
All this drama took place many decades ago, but the memories remain vivid and ageless.
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This memory of Magdalena belongs to my childhood, in a year when I was 12. I was emerging from my illness with tuberculosis that had me bed-bound for