Ismael Perez

Editorial board member

Ismael Perez is an editorial board member at the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Illinois 2022 primary election is Tuesday, June 28. Primary elections are held to nominate a party’s candidate to run in the November general election. We’ve compiled this voter guide on who’s running in selected races.
When Tito died last weekend surrounded by his sisters and my dad, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much of a mystery he was to a Mexican gay kid like me.
Skin color bias, offered as a compliment, is a custom that goes back generations in Black and Brown communities. But there’s an unsettling undercurrent, of course. It can feel like a measure of how much you are — or can be — loved.
My insecurities washed away as I discovered my new neighborhood. One small hint after another told me Chicago was home.
If a certain pant size can be a goal, a state of mind can be one, too.
I don’t know if it was the stress of the pandemic or his alcoholism wanting more from him, but my dad had been drunk for months.
Me di cuenta de que mis hermanos y yo habíamos vivido diferentes experiencias, lo cual podría explicar en parte por qué no veíamos las cosas de la misma manera.
We are privileged middle-class Mexicans. But there’s something that always brings us back to a subject we can never get away from — immigration.
Votantes de primera generación a veces necesitan ser empujados patrióticamente a participar en la democracia de su país.