Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot

Mayor of Chicago
On an issue this significant for the third-largest public school district in the country, we must all work to find common ground and pass a workable plan, rather than jamming through a bill that has left too many key stakeholders without a voice.
If there were a responsible way to close our budget gap that didn’t involve raising taxes or requiring furloughs for employees, we already would have taken it.
The fact that children right here in Chicago are afraid of coming home from school and finding their parents missing is an indictment of where we are as a country today.
It’s a budget developed through a transparent and inclusive process that incorporated input from communities and stakeholders across all of Chicago.
My vision of equity comes from a very real place. I know what it means to go to a school that lacks the basics.
Ordinances like the one we will be introducing soon will establish zoning regulations for the sale of adult-use cannabis, along with licensing for consumption sites.
I fully support a new law that aims to help low-wage, hourly workers juggle unpredictable work schedules, changing shifts, childcare and other responsibilities
My story is proof things can get better. To anyone who still feels fear because of who you are: Chicago is with you.