Rosalind Rossi

A plan to upgrade doors and windows on up to 167 historic homes could become the city’s costliest sound insulation project in at least 10 years.
The final decision to scale back the painting came after the Sun-Times asked city officials about painting costs two homeowners called “ridiculous.”
Mayors of Schiller Park and Harwood Heights said they would like to see the plan continue while test results are being analyzed.
Mayor Emanuel wants the City Council to authorize a TIF district in the race to get $1.1 billion in federal grants to modernize the CTA Red Line.
The amendment requires that all transportation-related fees and taxes be spent only on transportation-related projects, including aging infrastructure
Illinois truckers next year will face their third toll increase since 2014 and drivers will see seven new ramps on the Jane Addams (I-90).
Public hearings on the proposed budget and fare hike are planned for Nov. 2 and Nov. 3, with a final Metra board vote on them set for Nov. 11.
People complaining about O’Hare noise more than doubled from a year ago, but the number of those people who won’t give their location is up 40-fold.
Under the Chicago Transportation Authority deal, CSR Sifang America JV, up to 846 new 7000 series rail cars are planned over 10 years.