Sue Ontiveros

It’s been an honor to write about amazing Chicagoans.
What Angela Lansbury said is a bunch of royal horse manure.
You know what would have happened if that tax had continued? I would have grown tired of trekking to Indiana. I’d have bought pop here or cut back.
War may take the enlisted, but it kills off a part of their loved ones, too.
If you really look at these #NoMakeup selfies, you’ll notice that while there isn’t makeup, there’s also nary an uncoiffed eyebrow in the bunch.
Generations of Southeast Siders learned to swim at the South Chicago Y and belonged to the swim teams. Boxing was big, too. This was a busy place.
Younger generations, who will have grown up on children’s literature with diverse stories and characters, will demand the same once they are adults.
The childhood diseases that vaccinations curtail weren’t easy to endure. Children got very sick. Children died.
All that people need to understand, he says, is “how beautiful it is to do something for someone else. It saves your life.”