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Cutler admits confusion over Bears' clock management

There were a number of odd clock management and play-calling decisions during the Bears’ 21-13 victory against the Vikings on Sunday, and quarterback Jay Cutler addressed a few of them Monday.

The Bears decided to essentially forfeit their final possession of the first half, a decision coach Marc Trestman said could have been handled better during his own press conference Monday.

Cutler echoed that sentiment during The Jay Cutler Show on WMVP-AM Monday, before telling hosts Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman that he “didn’t know what we were trying to accomplish.”

“I think everyone is gonna agree with that,” Cutler said of mishandling the clock. “We went into (the series) saying we were gonna sit on it. That’s their call (the coaches). … We got the ball coming out at half. So we were gonna run, run, run and sit on it. Then it just went downhill from there and I don’t know what we were trying to accomplish.

“We’ve talked about it. We’re gonna talk about it more. Trest said we could have handled it better. Rightfully so. We should have handled it better.”

When the Bears reached the goal line in the third quarter, Cutler ran a sweep to the left on fourth down and got stuffed.

It was a bizarre play-call, considering Matt Forte and the Bears’ wide receiving corps were having their best game of the year.

“We’ve had that play up for 2-3 weeks now,” Cutler said. “And it was just a matter of getting the right look. We got the right look, they just made a good play on it.”

“When you make it it’s a great call, nobody would expect it. When you miss there’s a million other options you can go for. You guys can battle that out.”