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GREEN & GOLDEN: A look at Packers' dominance over Bears

As aptly documented in Sun-Times writer Mark Potash’s recent article, the current Green Bay Packers and Bears could not be much different in terms of success and functionality. The following is a statistical analysis of how the Packers have come to represent the standard that other NFC North teams — particularly the Bears — can only hope to meet:


Since the Bears won their last — and only — Super Bowl, the Packers have gradually risen to a different level:


Given the Packers’ relatively tiny market, it can be argued that their economic efficiency in winning dwarfs that of the Bears. The one area in which the Bears exceed the Packers is in making — and taking — money:


The Packers are also higher achievers off the field. When it comes to various measurements of popularity, the nation as a whole prefers the Green and Gold:

A Packers-Bears Nation

This map shows each county in the U.S. based on the number of Facebook users who “like” each team. The colors refer to counties where one team is more favored than the other, and the height refers to the percentage of people in the county who “like” the more favored team. Without a doubt, the Packers hold a national advantage: