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Marc Trestman responds to harassment of daughters on Twitter

After the Bears’ ugly 55-14 loss against the Green Bay Packers, social media turned into a nasty, vile place for the daughters of coach Marc Trestman.

The comments sent in the direction of Sarahanne and Chloe Trestman on Twitter weren’t only completely unnecessary, but appalling. On Wednesday, Marc Trestman was asked about them.

“No. 1, that’s a personal issue. That’s a family issue. And we’ll work through that,” Trestman said after practice at Halas Hall. “The thing that that brings up is that there’s another side of the coin and there’s a lot of support out there for my family and for what we’re going through during this adversity.

“I try to find the glass loaded up with good things, too. But that’s personal and we’re addressing that.”

Trestman’s daughters have remained active on Twitter. There has been plenty support for them. In Wednesday’s Sun-Times, that included some strong words from former Bears coach Mike Ditka.

“First of all, the people that do this are gutless,” Ditka said. “That’s why they do it in social media, so they can hide. They’re cowards; they hide behind things. They don’t come out in public.

“This is malicious. These people ought to be rounded up and kicked right in their ass.“