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Confusion leads to blown coverage on Packers Jordy Nelson

Packers receiver Jordy Nelson was so wide open on a 70-yard touchdown catch, it was obvious someone on the Bears blew their coverage. Nelson saw it that way took and looked to take advantage.

According to Nelson, the Packers saw that the Bears were in Cover-1. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers call an audible. The Bears responded by trying to check into Cover-2. But not all of the players on the defense heard that call. Corner back Tim Jennings was lined up opposite Nelson and played Cover-2, thinking he had help behind him.

“It sounded like they were checking to cover-2 and the way Tim played it, he played Cover-2 and then the safety still stayed one high,” Nelson said. “So based off of that is what I’m assuming what happened.”

It was a banner day for Nelson who finished the game with six catches for 152 yards and two touchdowns. Both of his touchdowns came on consecutive Green Bay drives in the second quarter.

He praised his team’s execution, less focused on how poorly the Bears defense played. With a bye week to prepare, he expected the Bears to play well.

“If you watched the New England game, it was obviously a possibility,” Nelson said. “But you expect them to play well, especially coming off a bye week. We had in the back of our heads possible changes in scheme or whatnot just because they had an extra week. But teams are going to play the way they play. They’re not going to change a whole lot.”


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