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Brandon Marshall backs Marc Trestman, coaching staff

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall gave coach Marc Trestman a vote of confidence and then some Monday on WMVP-AM’s “The Brandon Marshall Show.”

Marshall told hosts Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman that Trestman is the best coach he’s ever played for.

“And not only coach Trestman,” Marshall said, “but all the other coaches in the building.”

Marshall said he wasn’t surprised to hear that the team made no coaching changes after the Bears’ 55-14 loss to the Packers on Sunday Night Football.

“Where do you start?” he asked. “Offense stinks. Defense stinks. So, where do you start? So no, it’s not about just coaches. It’s players, too. I’ve said that for the past couple weeks. Sometimes players think that ‘Oh, it’s the coaches.’ We see coaches getting fired in situations like this. But our job is on the line, too. You know? Look, people say ‘Brandon marshall, he’s been stellar for the Bears, one of the best receivers ever to come through here,’ but in situations like this guys like me get cut, get traded. So I’m out here fighting for my job, too.”

Marshall then re-affirmed his position, saying he wasn’t just supporting Trestman because he’s supposed to.

“I’m not just backing up coach, I’m not backing up anybody,” Marshall said. “Honestly I’m at a point in my career where I have a few years left in my career and I want to win. And I really believe the best formula for that is coach Trestman.”