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Ex-teammate reveals DeMarco Murray's alleged 'sexts' to his wife, then praises him

[NOTE: Strong, explicit language is used in this post.]

The alleged affair between Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray and the wife of his ex-college teammate, Brennan Clay, becomes more bizarre by the day.

It all started on Sunday when Clay accused his former Oklahoma Sooner teammate of having an affair with his wife, Gina D’Agostini, who had been married to Clay for four months.

For days, Clay hinted that he would soon drop a “sexting” bombshell. He did as Murray and the Cowboys were pounding the Bears on Thursday Night Football.

Clay said his wife saved Murray’s number on her phone under the code words, “spray tan.”

Clay, who has reportedly filed for divorce, still found it within himself to praise Murray’s 179-yard rushing performance against the Bears last night.

Brennan Clay (middle) with wife Gina D’Agostini and Johnny Manziel

DeMarco Murray and girlfriend Heidi Mueller.