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Steve Young: Bears' whole organization rides on Jay Cutler

As criticism mounts against the listing Chicago Bears, ESPN analyst Steve Young took aim at everyone’s favorite target.

When asked Thursday afternoon what advice the Hall of Fame quarterback would give to Jay Cutler, an emphatic Young said:

“He needs to know, there is no Plan B. This whole organization—really for a number of years—is contingent on him doing his job. They brought in Marc Trestman, the quarterback whisperer. He has all the help. He has a whole organization that’s focused on him being successful. He can no longer say that ‘I’m not being well coached. I don’t have the run support. I don’t have the cast.’ He has everything to do the job. Now, he has got to do this job.

“The fact that there is no Plan B, everyone knows if Jay Cutler doesn’t show the energy and, at least show the wins, everyone’s in trouble and every job is in jeopardy.

“If I’m Jay Cutler, he should feel the weight of the world on him. He has got to play well to finish this season and become the quarterback that everyone expects him to be.”