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Three-and-Out: Safety Chris Conte stands out in Bears' win

1) Calling it out

Second-year defensive end Cornelius Washington stood out with a sack and two tackles for loss. But he was quick to credit the veterans for their help, especially defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff for his guidance that led to his career sack.

“[Ratliff] talked to me right before I went out there,” Washington said. “He was like, ‘Just get off the ball, stay low, get low, dip and you’ll get the sack.’ That’s literally exactly what I did. Exactly what I did and it worked.”

2) Conte connects

Safety Chris Conte had a strong game. He saved a touchdown by tackling Bucs receiver Louis Murphy on his 55-yard reception that featured missed tackles by cornerback Tim Jennings, linebacker Jon Bostic and safety Ryan Mundy.

But Conte’s top highlight was an athletic, leaping interception in the first quarter. He said the Bears were in a form of Cover 3 and he was playing the flat and reading quarterback Josh McCown.

“Jared Allen got pressure,” Conte said. “It was a play I was able to make because of Jared and Jared’s effort.”

3) Getting whacked

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was on the receiving end of the hardest hit of the game when Bucs standout defensive tackle Gerald McCoy quickly blew by guard Brian de la Puente at the end of the first quarter. Cutler was drilled right in his back and fumbled.

“I didn’t even feel him,” said Cutler, who was briefly shaken after the hit.