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Bears vs. Packers: Picking Bears seems like a stretch

The Chicago Sun-Times offers its Week 10 predictions and one so-called expert goes against the pack by picking against the Packers.


Packers 35-17

I used up the last bit of optimism left in me by picking the Bears to upset the Patriots in Week 8. You saw how that went. Cutler over Rodgers? I don’t think so. Season: 3-5


Packers 27-24

What did I do during the bye week? Therapy classes, relaxation response activities, yoga, general cleansing. And the result? I think the Bears are the most see-saw team ever. So does my shrink and life coach and bartender. And I’m pretty sure Aaron Rodgers does, too. This is a downswing game. Season: 3-5


Bears 31-27

Call me crazy. But everyone else is seemingly picking the Packers, so why not be different? My record is horrible already. There are 1,000 reasons not to pick the Bears. But the Bears have proven they’re a team that defies reason this year. Having defensive end Jared Allen, defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff and receiver Brandon Marshall healthy for this one will help. Plus, running back Matt Forte should run wild again. So here’s saying a desperate Bears team performs a miracle on Sunday night. Season: 3-5


Packers 23-20

Bears should put more pressure on Aaron Rodgers than they did at Soldier Field with a healthy Jared Allen and Jeremiah Ratliff, who missed the first encounter. A tipped pass, an interception and an upset could be in the making. But that’s asking for a lot at Lambeau. Bad weather favors the Packers. Season: 4-4


Packers 34-31

They say it may snow at Lambeau Field. Maybe that’ll take away any temptation the Bears have for Jay Cutler to throw 40 times. No team has allowed more rushing yards than the Packers. Still, the guess here is that Aaron Rodgers wins it on the last possession. We’ve seen this movie before. Season: 2-6


Packers 34-31

The Bears can’t win this game, can they? The Packers are the better team. The Packers are coming off a bye too. The Packers are trying to bounce back from a beating too. Is that the hook? Before New Orleans I’d have said no way for the Bears in this one but the Saints drew the map for them. If they are willing to run the ball, run some more and run again they can hang with these guys, and I think they will. But in the end it still won’t be enough. Season: 4-4