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Bears GM Phil Emery stands by coach Marc Trestman

Bears general manager Phil Emery was succinct with his answers during his weekly pre-game interview on WBBM-780 but he still offered some support for embattled coach Marc Trestman.

“We have an excellent relationship professionally and personally,” Emery said before the Bears’ game against the Lions at Soldier Field on Sunday.

Emery also described his relationship with Trestman as “open” and “honest.” Trestman, of course, made the shocking decision to bench starting quarterback Jay Cutler against the Lions.

Trestman said this past week that he consulted Emery twice when making his decision to bench Cutler. But Emery’s support for it was questioned from the beginning, especially when Trestman paused when asked directly about it last week.

Emery signed Cutler to a seven-year extension worth $54 million guaranteed less than a year ago.

Emery, though, stood by his coach during his first comments on the matter on Sunday.

“Performance determines play time,” Emery said. “Not contracts.”

Emery suggested that a “different perspective” may help Cutler while he watches Jimmy Clausen play. Emery, though, believed that Cutler was “professional,” “poised” and “team-oriented” during his remarks last week.

“I was real proud with how he handled the situation,” Emery said.