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Sun-Times staffers predict Bears-Vikings

Sun-Times staffers predict the outcome of the Bears-Vikings game on Sunday in Minneapolis:


Vikings, 21-20

Part of me says this season can’t end soon enough. Another part of me wants it to go on forever. Drama, controversy, finger-pointing — it’s a columnist’s dream. Who stays and who goes? Phil Emery? Marc Trestman? Jay Cutler? All of them? None of them? The real season starts after the game. Season: 9-6.


Vikings, 30-20

After some early struggles, all of us here at Team

Sun-Times have been pretty good at predicting Bears games. I once thought the Bears were good. Then I thought they were bad. Then I knew they were bad. Now I know they’re soul-dead, too. Season: 10-5.


Bears, 24-20

There is only one way for this truly bizarre season to end — and it’s not with Jay Cutler getting injured. It’s with a special game by

No. 6 against a team he typically beats up. So with an offseason full of changes looming, Cutler comes in, plays well and goes out on top, just to spite his coaching staff. Season: 8-7.


Vikings, 21-17

A meaningless season finale for two proud teams could go either way. Jay Cutler is 2-0 with a 114.1 passer rating (six touchdowns, no interceptions) in two previous meaningless games (one with the Broncos, one with the Bears). But after being benched last week, he faces an uphill battle in a return to the starting role. Season: 11-4.


Vikings, 21-20

It would be fun to watch Jay Cutler rise from the dead. And for Marc Trestman to win what might be his last game with the Bears in a stadium on the campus of his alma mater, too. Still, can’t see it happening against the sneaky-dangerous Vikings. Season: 8-7.


Bears, 27-24

What else can go wrong this season? Well, the Bears could beat the Vikings and drop several spots in the draft, and my gut tells me that’s what’s going to happen. There is a chemistry among a tight group of veterans on this team, and what we learned last Sunday is that they’re not going to embarrass themselves. Season: 10-5.