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Bears consultant Ernie Accorsi: Trestman 'great leader'

Bears consultant Ernie Accorsi called Marc Trestman a "great leader"

Consultant Ernie Accorsi was hired to help the Bears find a leader at the general manager position.

You’ll never guess who he praised as a “great leader” four years ago: the man the Bears decided wasn’t the one to coach their team any more.

Accorsi was the general manager of the Browns when the team hired Marc Trestman, first as a quarterbacks coach and then as an offensive coordinator.

He clearly admired Trestman from his time there, and was quoted extensively in the coach’s 2010 book, “Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork.”

The following is an excerpt:

“I am very proud to call him my friend,” he said in the book. As a person, there is such a genuine nature to Marc. He is really an authentic human being. He is so unique in this industry, given his educational and legal background. He is very direct and sincere, and there is a real sensitivity to him that you just don’t find in our business.

“As a coach, Marc is incredibly smart. I mean, he is an amazing intellect. He sees the game, from an offensive standpoint, unlike anybody I have ever known. He is so innovative.

“Marc has a real passion for the game, too, and that passion carried him through some tough times and some bad breaks over the years. He is very resilient and determined. I really admire that about him. He is not a politician. He doesn’t try to manipulate people or maneuver for jobs, either. He is very humble and has a lot of humility, almost to a fault.

“The one thing I learned about athletes a long time ago is that your control and influence over them is based on your ability to help them succeed. Period. That is what they care about. I mean, they can like you or dislike you, but at the end of the day they are there to succeed, both individually and for their team. They have to be convinced in their mind that their coach can help them get better and win.

“Having said that, the quarterback is the most critical and important position in all of sports. As such, the quarterback coach is also one of the most important positions. That relationship is key to the success of the team. Players have to respect your knowledge of the game first and foremost. Beyond that, they have to trust you. Marc had both. Not only do his quarterbacks trust him, they know that he is a brilliant tactician and extremely knowledgable of the game.

“Everywhere he goes, his offense succeeds. He has a proven track record. As such, I think Marc going to Montreal was a really good move for him. He has all the experience in the world, but now he will get to prove that he is a great leader.

“Marc has finally gotten his opportunity to be a head coach in the CFL, and he has already impacted the Canadian game. Make no mistake, Marc is a great leader.”