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Brandon Marshall on Jay Cutler's contract: 'I would have buyer's remorse, too'

Brandon Marshall is never one to mince words. When he speaks, the words are generally thoughtful, voluminous and from the heart.

Fresh off his hospital stay for two broken ribs and a collapsed lung, Marshall spoke openly Monday on his ESPN-1000 radio show, saying that this is the worst season of his career and how much it has “sucked.”

During the show, Marshall was asked about an Ian Rapoport report that the Bears were feeling “buyer’s remorse” over giving Jay Cutler a seven-year, $126 million contract. Marshall didn’t hold back on his close friend: “What I would say is we all know Jay is more than capable of getting it done. It doesn’t always fall on him. I guess that’s why those guys are the highest paid players out there. Because when you win and everything is going good, they get all the glory. And when it’s bad, they take more than what they should take. But I can understand that as far as as a business man, I would have buyer’s remorse, too.”