Kyle Long is not afraid of calling out a Twitter troll

SHARE Kyle Long is not afraid of calling out a Twitter troll

Bears right tackle Kyle Long is a vocal player. He’s never afraid to speak up to the media, his team, or even a Twitter troll. After the Bears beat the Packers on Thanksgiving, Long had some fun with a troll.

The Bears had just finished off their surprising win in Green Bay when Long must have been going through his mentions. According to Bleacher Report, a since deleted tweet from @PatKinnane read:

#KyleLong is probably hoping the next #Bears game is on #FOX so his dad and the announcers on FOX can be his cheerleaders.

The reference, of course, is to Long’s Hall of Fame father and Fox Sports studio analyst Howie Long. So in response, the Pro Bowl offensive lineman went for a classing “mom” joke.

Long is one of the more fun professional athletes to follow on Twitter. He regularly responds to both fans and analysts on all sorts of topics, many having absolutely nothing to do with football.

Before Thursday’s game, Long was reportedly also speaking up, but this time to his teammates, telling them to “man up and turn things around.”

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