Jim McMahon doesn’t think much of Mike Ditka as a coach

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Jim McMahon and Mike Ditka didn’t always see eye to eye. | Sun-Times

Jim McMahon would have rather played with than under Mike Ditka, and he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with Jay Cutler and the Bears’ current offense.

That’s the takeaway from McMahon’s upcoming interview with Chris Boden on Comcast SportsNet’s “Inside Look” (4:30 p.m., July 17).

When McMahon was asked about his rocky relationship with Coach Ditka, he told Boden:

I would’ve loved to have played with Mike, he was a great football player. And had he ever been in my huddle, he would have understood me, I think. We would have gotten along a lot better as players.

Then McMahon took a shot at the 1985 Bears’ predictability on offense when explaining why they didn’t win more championships:

I think we just got tired of beating each other up, and that takes its toll after a while. Then [Washington Redskins Head Coach] Joe Gibbs figured out how to beat us, or beat our defense. Our offense was so predictable. Unless I changed the play, everybody knew what we were going to run. Things just caught up to us.

As for the current Bears, the punky QB doesn’t pay much attention, but from what he’s heard …

I’ve never played with Jay, I’ve never been in a meeting. From things I hear from other people, they say he does the right things, says the right things in the meetings, this and that, so I don’t know anything about him. I’m just perplexed like everybody else around, with the weapons that they have, why they’re not scoring 40 points a game is beyond me. It’s not like the o-line’s bad. I’d loved to play in this offense.

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