Madden ’16 hates Jay Cutler and the Bears

SHARE Madden ’16 hates Jay Cutler and the Bears
SHARE Madden ’16 hates Jay Cutler and the Bears

Madden NFL ’16 hates the Bears.

Well, check that, hates quarterback Jay Cutler.

With only four Bears players overall getting a rating of 90 or better, the disappointment from last year’s lost 5-11 season had a definite carryover to the latest installment in the Madden franchise.

Cutler just happened to be the poster boy of that, going from an 86 overall rating last season, down to a 78 this season.

So as strong as that Cutler arm strength still is, Madden seems to have even less patience in the signal caller as Bears fans have.

“We have enough things under the hood that we can use to tune a player and make him feel like himself,’’ Madden game producer Seann Graddy said. “Ratings is one of them, and there are a lot of ratings. I want to say we’re 50 or 60 deep on all the ratings for a specific player. Like we can make sure that Jay Cutler has a strong arm by getting his throwing power high, but maybe he’s not as accurate with the deep ball, so we can tune that down.’’

That they did.

Cutler was given a 98 in throwing power, but a 65 in deep accuracy, as well as a 70 rating in awareness.

But where they really nailed the quarterback?

“We’ve also got a system called traits, and traits aren’t as apparent to the players, but things like reaction under pressure and the ability to throw while being hit makes it easier to tune a guy like Jay Cutler,’’ Gaddy said.

Blindfold, Jay.

Under the trait listing for Cutler these can be found. “Throw Away – No,’’ “Force Pass – Aggressive,’’ and finally, “Clutch – No.’’

As far as the highest-rated Bears player in ’16? Take your 95 and celebrate, Matt Forte.

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