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Devin Hester rips Jay Cutler: 'Wouldn't throw to me'

Devin Hester says Jay Cutler never threw him the ball. | AP

Throughout his great career with the Bears, Devin Hester did most of his talking on the field. It was rare to see, hear or read his thoughts in the media.

Things have changed since Hester went to the Falcons after eight seasons with the Bears. Whether it’s maturity or confidence, the quiet speedster has opened up.

During a 2014 interview with the Sun-Times, he talked a little about his bitter departure from the Bears. There was the emotional moment with Deion Sanders after a game last season on NFL Network.

Now comes this.

During an interview with ESPN, Hester talked about how he and quarterback Matt Ryan have open dialogue, and they work to correct things. Hester says those lines of communication were never there with Jay Cutler.

From ESPN:

“If we weren’t on the same page, Jay just didn’t say anything to me,’’ Hester said. “He just wouldn’t (throw) to me. That’s just how he was.

“With Matt, if he sees something that he feels needs to be changed, he’ll come to you and say, ‘Hey man, what do you think about doing it this way? It will give us a clearer look, and I’ll be able to get the ball to you.’”

Hester’s best season as a receiver came in 2009 with Cutler when he caught 57 passes for 757 yards and three TDs. He was targeted 91 times that season. Last season with the Falcons, Hester had 38 catches, 504 yards and two TDs off 59 targets.