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Bears fans already want Jay Cutler benched after Packers loss

It’s the first week of the NFL season, but fans are already in midseason form when it comes to complaining about the Bears.

Even before the Bears game went final Sunday afternoon, some Bears fans were already calling for the quarterback’s head. Hordes of fans took to Twitter asking the team to bench Jay Cutler.

For the most part, Cutler’s play was solid. However, the plays that left a lasting memory were ones Cutler would rather forget.

After leading the team down the field and inside the five yard line, Cutler and the Bears offense failed on four consecutive passing plays, turning the ball over on downs.

A defensive stop gave the Bears the ball back but was immediately negated by an ugly Cutler interception.

From the moment Packers linebacker Clay Matthews stepped in front of the pass, fans were ready to be done with Cutler.

With 15 games left in what appears to be a rebuilding season, there will be plenty more complaints like these.