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Shea McClellin helped Bears hold up vs. Packers

Shea McClellin started his first game at inside linebacker Sunday. (AP)

The Bears had “no issues knowing what we were doing and getting lined up” against the Packers, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said Wednesday. That was in part because of first-time inside linebacker Shea McClellin, who calls the Bears’ plays.

“It was pretty smooth,” McClellin said. “I think we handled the no-huddle well. It’s a starting point.”

McClellin didn’t take credit for his teammates lining up right, but said they felt comfortable against the Packers.

“Everyone has to know where to line up,” he said. “If they need it, I try to help them out. I think it was good by everyone.”

Fangio wasn’t effusive about the Bears’ play, but said they were steady while playing mostly nickel coverage.

“I thought they showed up and played the game,” he said. “We didn’t have any major busts or anything. … Green Bay just won more of the battles than we did, particularly as it relates to the passing game. It’s not like you saw guys running free.”

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