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One Bears fan is trying to get the Bears to sign Tim Tebow

With Jay Cutler recovering from a hamstring injury, the Bears season could be in big trouble. One fan, however, believes this gives the Bears an opportunity improve.

That improvement would come as a result of signing Tim Tebow.

Appropriately titled “No More Jay Cutler!” the Bears fan is hoping a petition on will convince the Bears to sign the former Heisman winner.

Tebow hasn’t played in a regulation game since 2012 with the Jets. He was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles before this season started. Tebow now works for ESPN on the SEC Network.

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Unfortunately for this Bears fan, his petition hasn’t gotten a whole lot of support. In fact, he’s the only one to have signed it so far.

If the Bears don’t follow this fan’s wish to sign Tebow, they will just have to wait for Cutler to return. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday that Cutler should return after missing two weeks.

That would mean Cutler would miss games against Seattle and Oakland. He’d return in time to play on the road against Kansas City.

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