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Matt Forte bought more than 50 new pairs of shoes for Chicago school children

For years, Matt Forte has been one of the most active professional athletes in the city when it comes to giving back to the community.

The Bears running back went to Reebok with a number of school children before their first day of school to get the kids new shoes and clothes for the start of the school year.

Forte was followed by cameras for the first episode of the online show Kicks for a Cause. During the video, Forte distributes the shoes to kids, then plays a game of flag football with them.

The running back first became involved with Chicago school children after an event with Bulls center Joakim Noah. Forte now works with the Bulls star’s Noah’s Arc Foundation.

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After giving out the shoes, the cameras follow Forte back to his house where he shows off an impressive sneaker collection of his own. Fittingly, the Bears star said he’s a huge fan of Jordans.

However, Forte isn’t someone who collects sneakers over the years. Roughly every year, Forte said he donates huge chunks of his shoes to his pastor father-in-law who gives them to children.