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Forbes: Bears should trade for Robert Griffin III

Even when starting quarterback Jay Cutler is healthy, there are many in Chicago who aren’t happy with the Bears situation at signal-caller.

Cutler is in the middle of a seven-year, $126 million contract and the team has no back-ups being groomed to be the heir-apparent if the Cutler train fails.

The 2016 NFL Draft class is deep in defensive players that could be stars on the NFL level, but there are very few quarterbacks available that would be ready to step in and play — if any.

However, Forbes believes that the Bears shouldn’t draft a QB. It believes the Bears should trade for one instead.

Forbes’ Evan Massey writes that Chicago should try to acquire Washington’s Robert Griffin III and allow him to develop.

Chicago could easily acquire Griffin for practically nothing, as the Redskins would love to move on from the locker room nightmare that is brewing. They would likely ask for a fourth or fifth-round draft pick in return.

The Bears have to make a move if they want to turn things around in the next couple of years. Cutler simply hasn’t shown improvement any of the last few seasons and he is running out of time to make those improvements at 32 years old. Acquiring a player like Griffin would give them a young option to start and see whether or not he can step up and help them turn things around.

In three season in Washington, RGIII has thrown 40 touchdowns against 23 interceptions. He also boasts a 63.9 completion percentage.

Although his rushing yards via the scramble (or designed run) have decreased in each of his three seasons, Griffin has amassed close to 1,500 yards on the ground.

RGIII is certainly an improvement over the Bears backups, but it would be interesting to see if he could unseat Cutler as the starter if he was brought in.