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Matt Forte and Kyle Long pose as 'street models' in Seattle

As you can see in the photo above, Chicago Bears players Matt Forte and Kyle Long had some fun on the streets of Seattle by posing as ‘street models’ with a random high school senior.

Via Long’s Instagram:

kylelong75: @mforte22 and I were walking around Seattle and this girl was taking her Senior photos. We asked if we could jump in. She asked us what we do, “Street models” was Matt’s response.

When the girl undoubtedly sees her photo floating around on social media, she will find out that the two guys who sat down and took a picture with her weren’t just everyday dudes walking around Seattle.

On their adventure, Forte and Long stopped and took another photo in front of Seattle’s famed Public Market Center.

Long’s caption:

kylelong75: Nobody threw fish at us

The Bears are 0-2 as they look to put one in the win column against the 0-2 Seattle Seahawks later this afternoon.