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Don't be so quick to chase Bears' Martellus Bennett out of town

Martellus Bennett isn’t Michael Bennett. Just because one Bennett brother (Michael) is a perfect fit for his team doesn’t mean another (Martellus) has to be a perfect fit for his own team.

But as I watched Michael, a Seahawks’ defensive lineman, dominate the Vikings on Sunday, I couldn’t help but wonder again if people are being too hasty in waving goodbye to Martellus in Chicago.

It’s no secret that he and the Bears aren’t seeing eye to eye, perhaps because they dwell in different worlds, Bennett’s being in a galaxy far, far away. But he’ s a very talented tight end whose quirkiness is worth whatever eye-rolling he creates among coaches and management.

He can block, he can catch the ball and he’s as easy to tackle as a tree trunk. Tell me again what he did that made him fall out of favor with the team? Pouting over a contract? Please.

Zach Miller was very good for the Bears when he got his chance at tight end, but after a career filled with injuries, to expect him to follow up a healthy 2015 with a healthy 2016 is asking a lot.

Bennett battled injuries and, perhaps in a snit about something or other, told reporters he didn’t watch the Bears’ big victory over the Packers while he recuperated. Dumb, but not fatal.

He has not been shy about saying he wants the ball or a new contract, even though he has a year left on his current deal. That is not something that sits well with the organization’s new leadership. But it’s not a reason to get rid of one of one of your best players. If wanting a new contract is a fireable offense, half the league would be out of work.

Bennett is a goofy guy, perhaps a bit disruptive, but he’s not a bad guy. He’s like his brother — gifted and challenging. Given the Bears’ paucity of talent, it’s hard to believe there’s not room for someone like him on the roster.