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Mike Ditka has a message for all of the haters

Mike Ditka shows off his money on the ESPN set Saturday. (Photo via NFL on ESPN on Instagram)

There has never been a question as to Mike Ditka’s feelings toward those who criticize him. From his time as the Bears coach to his current role as an ESPN analyst, if someone doesn’t like him Ditka only has one message, and it usually includes a four-letter word.

Ditka was back on television Saturday morning for ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” and was standing out. The legendary coach was wearing a bright red blazer that was likely visible from space.

As the social media criticism rolled in, Ditka’s co-hosts made sure he was aware of what people were saying. Instead of making a wardrobe change, Ditka let everyone watching know just how concerned he was with their thoughts.

Sorry Floyd Mayweather, you’re not the only one with big bills on-hand.

The fact that the 76-year-old Ditka walks around with a fat wad of cash shouldn’t be surprising. Not only does he seem like the type to avoid credit cards, he’s done enough commercials to have some deep pockets.

Ditka doubled down on his stance Sunday morning. The coach was back on ESPN and once again wearing the bright red jacket. The only difference being the return of his quarter-zip sweater instead of a shirt and tie.