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Helping Bears fans figure out who to cheer for in the NFL Playoffs

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make play calls before the snap during different 2014 games. (AP Photo/File)

With no home team to cheer for, Bears fans are left watching other teams play for a chance at the Super Bowl. Now that the Packers are gone, there isn’t a clear team to cheer for, or against left in the NFL Playoffs.

Deciding on which of the four remaining teams to cheer for can be a difficult process. So many little details can change the way a team is looked at by fans outside of the local market. To help fans figure out their rooting interest, here is a breakdown of each team’s positives and negatives from a Bears perspective.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers may be an easy choice for many long-time fans. Leading the way for the Panthers is Ron Rivera, not only a former Bears coach but also a former Bears player. Maybe even more important for Bears fans would be seeing Charles Tillman finally get the Super Bowl ring he deserves.

Denver Broncos

With the exception of those still scorned over the Bears Super Bowl loss, most NFL fans would love to see Peyton Manning end his career with a championship. Also, it could help to take away some of the burn being the only team to lose to a Manning team in the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have one big thing going for them, they knocked the Packers out of the playoffs. It’s also tough to cheer against a guy like Larry Fitzgerald. The one negative may be any depression that occurs after thinking about the Bears turning down Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and taking Marc Trestman.

New England Patriots

Maybe some fans just crave consistency? Outside of just the enjoyment of how great Tom Brady is and watching the craziness that is Rob Gronkowski, finding a reason to cheer for New England is difficult.