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Bears to draft No. 11

Sunday’s loss means the Bears will draft 11th.

The team last held the 11th pick in 2010, but traded it to the Broncos for Jay Cutler. In 1997, they traded the 11th pick for the Seahawks for another quarterback, Rick Mirer, and a fourth-rounder.

The Lions, who beat the 6-10 Bears to finish one game above them, will pick No. 16. The Titans will go first.

The draft starts April 28 at the Auditorium Theatre.

GM Ryan Pace drafted Kevin White No. 7 in his first draft with the Bears, but the wide receiver did not play after having shin surgery.

The Bears have drafted five players No. 11 overall since the merger: defensive end John Thierry in 1994; cornerback Donnell Wolford, from the Raiders, in 1989; linebacker Marshall in 1984; tackle Keith Van Horne in 1981; and running back Joe Moore in 1971.

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