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The Bears' history when picking 11th overall in the NFL Draft

With the season over, it’s officially time to for the Bears to start looking at the NFL Draft. After losing to the Lions in their final game of the season, the Bears earned the No. 11 pick overall in the draft.

As would be expected, given the long Bears history, this is far from the first time the Bears have selected 11th overall. The Bears have picked in this position nine times previous to this coming year.

Wilber Marshall is by far the most successful pick the Bears have had there, but the team has had some notable 11th overall picks play in Chicago. In 2006, the Denver Broncos drafted Jay Cutler 11th.

Recently deceased defensive end Doug Atkins was drafted in the same spot by the Cleveland Browns in 1953. Atkins was traded to the Bears and went on to have a Hall of Fame career.

Hall of Famers Paul Warfield, Michael Irvin, Frank Gifford and Leo Nomellini were also all selected at No. 11.