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Brian Urlacher shares why he wanted hair in new commercial

In what appears to be an effort to become the next Mike Ditka, Brian Urlacher went on WGN this morning to talk about an array of things, but the topic that has social media going wild is his sudden growth of hair.

As Urlacher noted on WGN, his hair growth is thanks to RESTORE by Katona — and of course, there’s a commercial.

“My whole career, I was pretty much bald,” Urlacher says in the commercial. “So, people just got to know me as being a bald guy. I did wonder what it would be like if I could have hair.”

The RESTORE hype video includes a beat meant to get viewers pumped as Urlacher talks over it with details of how successful his procedure was.

In an additional video on RESTORE’s YouTube channel, Urlacher explains in more detail why he decided to get hair.