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Charles Tillman may have become the media's Super Bowl darling

Charles Tillman talks with ESPN's Mike Greenberg during an interview Wednesday. (Photo via @ULCoachHud on Twitter)

Charles Tillman is becoming one of the biggest stars of the Super Bowl media coverage. The injured Panthers corner and former Bears Pro Bowler talked with just about any media outlet who wanted him.

Of course, for those who followed him during his time in Chicago, that should come as no surprise. Tillman was a fan and media favorite throughout his time in Chicago, so on a stage as big as the Super Bowl, Tillman thrived.

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Tillman talked to radio and television shows across the country, even speaking to fellow former Bears Brandon Marshall and Dusty Dvoracek. Clearly, Tillman stole the show.

As he has done so often throughout his career, Tillman didn’t just use his time in the spotlight to talk about himself. Tillman talked about the Super Bowl, various charities and causes he supports and even his alma mater.

During his morning interview with ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” Tillman wore his University of Louisiana pullover. A nice little boost for the Ragin’ Cajuns on national signing day.