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Bears gave Jay Cutler 10th-best protection in NFL

By most accounts, Jay Cutler had the best season of his 10-year career. Most insiders would attribute Cutler’s emergence to the work of recently departed offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who took the head-coaching position with the Dolphins.

While Gase played a big role in the Bears quarterback’s success, the offensive line can also take some credit.

The Bears’ O-line was the 10th best unit in the NFL at protecting its quarterback this season, nine spots better than last year, according to data published by Jim Saranteas, “The Fantasy Greek.”

The Bears allowed 34 sacks and 77 hits—seventh best in the league—for a total of 111 “smacks,” according to Saranteas. In 2014, the Bears allowed 123 smacks.

Saranteas writes:

Tip your hat to the Jets, Bears, and Redskins who did quite the good job in keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jay Cutler, and Kirk Cousins upright this season. All three finished Top 10.

The Bengals’ offensive line offered the best protection in the league, allowing 90 smacks. For the complete list, GO HERE.