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Alshon Jeffery is working out with Jay Glazer in Brian Urlacher's gym

Alshon Jeffery is headed into a big offseason. The free agent wide receiver will likely get a big payday, either to return to the Bears or on the open market.

With that on the line, Jeffery is making sure teams know he’s getting to work. In the very first day after the Super Bowl, Jeffery was working out with the help of a few big names. The former Bears second-round draft pick went out to Los Angeles to work out with Jay Glazer.

The wide receiver and NFL reporter worked out at Unbreakable Performance Center, a gym owned by Glazer and ex-Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Jeffery has been criticized, at times, for being a little overweight. It was a concern when he was first drafted and again brought up before the start of this past season by John Fox.

This was the final year of Jeffery’s rookie contract. He is arguably the top wide receiver on the market. According to, Jeffery is worth five-year $64.1 million contract, which is roughly $12.8 million a year. If the Bears wanted, they could bring the wide receiver back on a franchise tag projected at $14.5 million.

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