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Mitch Trubisky says the Bears need ‘more everything on offense.’ Isn’t it Week 13?

They’re averaging 17.1 points, and their defense is giving up the same average. That means the Bears make every defense they play look like their own fourth-ranked unit.

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
Mitch Trubisky passes against the Giants.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky isn’t going to change his pregame routine, even though he has a 73.7 passer rating in the first quarter and a 107.7 rating in the third.

And even though the Bears have totaled six points on their first drives of games but somehow have scored touchdowns on their first drives of the second half in each of their last five games.

‘‘It’s been good, but we want to start the first quarter like that,’’ Trubisky said Tuesday. ‘‘We’re making adjustments at halftime. But we have to come out of the gate ready to go and have success right away and play four quarters instead of just starting off the second half really well.’’

Trubisky has yet to play four good quarters in a game.

The Bears’ running game is the third-worst in the NFL and their passing game is the second-worst. They’re averaging 17.1 points, and their defense is giving up the same average. That means the Bears make every defense they play look like their own fourth-ranked unit.

It’s Week 13, and the Bears still are sorting through questions that should have been answered months ago: What is their offensive identity? What fits Trubisky best? If he’s more comfortable in a no-huddle, up-tempo offense, why not do that? If Trubisky steps up in the pocket when he feels comfortable or likes to run in the red zone, why not tailor the offense to that?

The Bears enter their Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions as a team that still is searching.

‘‘We’ve got to have more pass yards, more rush yards, more everything on offense,’’ Trubisky said. ‘‘We’ve got to score more points. Just continue to stay hungry, take what the defense gives us, making the smart play. There were a couple of times I didn’t do that last Sunday.’’

After the Bears’ victory against the Giants, Trubisky said scoring only 19 points was unacceptable. He stood by that Tuesday, though he noted the Bears could win ‘‘a good amount of games’’ that way because of their dominant defense. Had the Bears scored 19 points in each game this season, they would be 8-3.

‘‘From an offensive standpoint, I don’t think it’s good enough, and I think having a quick turnaround definitely helps with the mindset,’’ he said. ‘‘We won the game; it was good. But it’s not good enough.

‘‘We want to be better, especially as an offense going forward. Nineteen points, it is what it is. But we want to score more, and we know we have much more potential within us. . . . We’ve just got to be hungrier. You can’t be happy with where we’re at.’’

When coach Matt Nagy said Trubisky has been making marked improvement starting with the Bears’ first game against the Lions on Nov. 10 at Soldier Field, it was easy to roll your eyes.

But Lions coach Matt Patricia offered a similar analysis of Trubisky on Tuesday.

Still, to borrow a phrase from Trubisky, is it good enough?

‘‘In the last couple of games, you can really see maybe more command of the offense,’’ Patricia said. ‘‘I think they’re doing things maybe a little bit more like what they were doing last year. There’s tempo; there’s a lot at the line of scrimmage.

‘‘I think Trubisky’s doing a great job of kind of changing plays and seeing what the coverage is, what the defense is and getting the offense into the right plays. And you can see how explosive they can be when they can do that.’’