Akiem Hicks hangs up on radio show host over injury joke

The lineman did not appreciate a comment from ESPN 1000’s Tom Waddle about his arm injury.

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Akiem Hicks stands on the field before the Bears played the Saints.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks angrily responded to and hung up on an ESPN 1000 radio show host Tuesday over a joke about the player’s arm injury.

Hicks, who’s been out since Week 5, had been urging fans to support him and his teammates when host and former Bears player Tom Waddle made a crack about the injury the Pro Bowler suffered in October against the Raiders.

“We didn’t try to get ourselves into this situation, but we’re doing everything we can to climb out of this hole, so be supportive,” Hicks said before Waddle responded, “You mean you didn’t put your arm in between those two Raiders and it popped out of joint on purpose?”

“No, I’m joking,” Waddle followed up before Hicks quickly interrupted to criticize him for his comments.

“Hey, that’s a joke? You think that’s a joke? You don’t joke about somebody’s injury. No, no, no, I’m perfectly respectful, but I’ll tell you what, you will not joke about an injury,” Hicks said as Waddle tried to apologize.

Before hanging up, Hicks added, “this is the last time I’m on this radio station.”

You can listen to the audio here:

Following the exchange, Hicks again said his injury was not something to joke about.

He also responded to a tweet by Waddle’s co-host Marc Silverman:

The Bears placed Hicks on injured reserve Oct. 15 after he caught his left arm between a pair of opposing players and suffered a left elbow injury. Afterwards, he tweeted that, “My injury in London was unfortunate and frustrating. But it’s apart of the game.”

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