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Bears get no explanation for rescinded penalty on Eagles tight end Zach Ertz’s TD

Replays showed Ertz clearly pushed off Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller’s facemask, and the play was flagged, but ultimately it was ruled a touchdown.

Ertz bolts for the end zone as Fuller (left) protests.
Ertz bolts for the end zone as Fuller (left) protests.
Matt Rourke/AP

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz tore up the Bears throughout their 22-14 loss Sunday, but cornerback Kyle Fuller seemed to have a legitimate objection to one of his nine receptions.

With the Eagles up 6-0 in the second quarter, Ertz beat Fuller to catch a 25-yard touchdown pass. There was contact before Ertz broke inside, and replays showed he put his right hand on Fuller’s facemask and pushed his head back to create separation.

The officials flagged the play, but waved off the call and ruled it a touchdown to put the Eagles ahead 12-0.

“I did not get an explanation on the why they picked up the flag,” coach Matt Nagy said. “I went down there to talk to [the official] and he said, ‘No, it’s confirmed. It’s not [a penalty].’ And before you know they’re up there kicking an extra point.”

Before Ertz reached the end zone, Fuller argued for the call, which he temporarily got. He didn’t get much more of an explanation from the official than Nagy did.

“He basically stated that it was a tough call, but whatever he saw, I guess it was enough for him to pick [the flag] up,” Fuller said Sunday. “It definitely frustrates you, but you have to move past it.”