Bears fans bring their own boos to Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky press conferences

On the team’s website, fans can comment during live media events, and they’re not shy about saying what they think of a disappointing season.

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Bears coach Matt Nagy speaks during a press conference in November.

Bears coach Matt Nagy speaks during a press conference in November.

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If you want to know how Bears fans feel, particularly after a loss, I have the place for you. It’s a website where a geyser of abuse erupts while coach Matt Nagy and quarterback Mitch Trubisky trudge through their respective postgame press conferences.

And all of it is brought to you by … the Bears.

After a 21-13 loss to the Packers on Sunday, a loss that knocked the team out of the playoff hunt, Nagy’s press conference was shown live on and on the Bears’ Twitter account. Using an app, fans were able to send in comments that were shown on the screen as Nagy spoke.

The coach’s first observations centered on his belief that his players gave it their all in the game.

“I thought the way our guys fought back there at the end to give us a chance to win was good, but obviously the outcome was not good,’’ he said.

Was he really lauding his team’s effort after getting swept this season by the hated Packers?

It was right about then that the invective started to boil up in earnest.

@njd0802: “BOO.”

Three seconds later, having given it some deeper thought, @njd0802 added, ‘BOOOOOOOOOOO.”

@kojithegoat1 followed with “Wtf,’’ @x_destini_x gave us an “OMGGG” and we were off to the races.

I don’t know if the Bears like to inflict pain on themselves, if they’re oblivious in general or if they love traffic on their site (ding!), but I have to give it to them. They allow their fan base to vent after games and, stunningly, they broadcast that venting to the world in real time. It’s as if car companies ran TV commercials dominated by criticism from unsatisfied customers: “Built Ford Tough, my ass!”

After a predictable comment about “Green Bay refs’’ from one loyal fan, the group anger seemed to find its stride as Nagy spoke.

“FIRE PACE’’ – a reference to Bears general manager Ryan Pace.



“Fire everyone on that oline”

Not to be forgotten, the aforementioned @x_destini_x reappeared with, “TRADE TRUBISKY FOR AN ITALIAN BEEF.’’ And, really, what was left to be said after that?

A lot, as it turned out.

This is modern-day effigy burning brought to you by the people whose images are being torched. Here is Nagy, the face of a corporation, talking about what went wrong with the product that day. And right by his side, for all to see, is the peanut gallery belching a tribal diatribe in his direction.

There’s a vicariousness to the whole thing. Under the cover of anonymity, people are allowed to say things they might not say in person to their intended receivers, and the rest of us watch them do it with a pleasure that feels both unseemly and really, really good.

During Nagy’s press conference, several fans said Trubisky played well against the Packers, and others said the Bears should replace him in 2020 with Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, Colin Kaepernick or anyone with two arms and two legs. Or two arms and one leg. Pretty much everyone agreed that someone should tackle Nagy and remove the play-calling duties from his cold, clawed hands.

Eventually, darkness settled in among fans watching the press conference, as the reality of a playoff-less existence, delivered by Green Bay, hit home.

@deefire: “I’m going to find a new team’’

And then the darkest comment of them all in this dark comedy, from @Yung_Foeva: “We want Jay Cutler!’’

Oops, I spoke too quickly. From @jhicks1979: “(Mike) Glennon > Trubisky.’’

The Trubisky press conference, as it applied to fan comments, quickly turned into a fierce debate that, if it had had a title, would have been, “Is Mitch Trubisky Proof That We’re All Alone on This Godforsaken Planet?’’

@Madduck’s “Good game’’ to Trubisky was followed immediately by @jm19471’s “Same crap.’’

And that’s it, isn’t it? Trubisky’s value, a bit like Cutler’s before him, is in the eye of the beholder. So you had one person saying that Mitch’s 334 passing yards (on a shocking 53 attempts), one touchdown pass and two interceptions were the only reason the Bears were in Sunday’s game, and another telling Trubisky that “YOUR CAREER IS OVER.’’

This was followed by someone’s observation that “you can’t fight point-shaving refs.’’ It’s wonderful when conspiracy theories and lost bets dovetail so effortlessly.

@david6below: “Mitch is my qb.’’

@NickandroS: “Mitch should sell beer at a Hawks gm.’’

On and on it went, with fan turning on fan over who was a true Bears fan.

The team allows comments during Nagy’s weekday press conferences, too, as well as during Trubisky’s regular meeting with media members on Wednesdays. In this case, it meant that whatever fans had been steamed about Sunday, they were still steamed about three days later.

@Bearsfann76: “Worse offense than (Marc) Trestman. Let that sink in.’’


It’s as if the Bears turned on the natural gas and handed out matches. No matter what Nagy and Trubisky happened to be talking about in their press conferences Wednesday, the fans went on with their own dialogue. Most of it had to do with the offensive line, the play calling and Trubisky’s abilities.

Most of it.

From @nico_lopez44: #EpsteinDidn’tKillHimself.’’

So that clears that up.

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