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What Matt Nagy is looking for from Bears QB Mitch Trubisky: ‘Just anticipation now’

It’s not enough for Mitch Trubisky to make the right throw. It was to be for the right reasons.

Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, left, poses with Chris Oleson for a photo during the third round of the BMW Championship golf tournament at Medinah Country Club on Saturday.
AP Photos

Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky turned 25 on Tuesday.

“We were going to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him in the team meeting, but he did that little thing where you put your head down,” coach Matt Nagy said. “I just, I had to feel for him.”

He’ll spend the next two weeks trying to get a feel for him, too.

The quarterback unlikely to play in either of the Bears’ final two preseason games. Still, Nagy knows what he wants to see from his quarterback during practice.

“Just the anticipation now,” Nagy said Tuesday. “That’s probably the biggest key word for him as we go is trying to predict when the ball’s coming out.”

Nagy stands behind the quarterbacks in practice; no one else is allowed between the hash marks on the field. There, the former Delaware and Arena Football League quarterback can see what Trubisky sees.

“I want his vision within the plays now really going exactly where my eyes are going,” Nagy said. “When I’m standing back there behind him, when I’m looking to the right, he’s looking to the right. If I’m looking to the left, he’s looking to the left.”

It’s not enough for Trubisky to make the right throw.

It was to be for the right reasons.

“His answers to me when he throws the ball somewhere, Why did you do that?’” Nagy said. “And if his answer’s good. Those are the things I’m looking for. And I think we’re right there, but we won’t know that until we get into the season.”