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A 7-foot-tall Mike Ditka lands at Millennium Park on Friday

Move over, Mini Ditka — a Giant Ditka is coming to town.

A giant Mike Ditka statue will be placed at Millennium Park on Friday.
Courtesy Chicago Bears

Move over, Mini Ditka — a Giant Ditka is coming to town.

The Bears will unveil a 7-foot-tall Mike Ditka bobblehead — made out of high-density foam and weighing more than 150 pounds — at Millennium Park on Friday morning.

With a wobbly head, “Da Coach” is depicted wearing his signature aviator sunglasses, Bears sweater vest and a tie. He has his hands folded holding, presuming, a play sheet.

The bobblehead will stay at the park for three days before moving outside Soldier Field on Labor Day.

While “Saturday Night Live” once debated if a Mini-Ditka coaching the Mini-Bears would beat the Giants, fans hope the giant one will help against their rivals. The Bears host the Packers on Thursday night in NFL’s season opener. The first 20,000 fans at the rivalry game will receive vouchers for a smaller Ditka bobblehead.

The 7-foot-tall Ditka bobblehead is one of 13 the Bears are placing around the city during their 100th season. The team had two on display – George Halas and Khalil Mack — at their 100th season convention in June.

A similarly sized bobblehead of Hall of Fame linebacker Bill George popped up at O’Hare Airport last week and moved to Soldier Field on Tuesday. A Red Grange bobblehead spent the first weekend of August at North Avenue Beach.