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Polling Place: So, what word would you use to describe the 2020 Chicago Bears?

Good? They’re 5-3. Bad? Their offense is stuck in low gear. Fun? Please.

Nick Foles
The Bears offense is … not good.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There’s only one way to say it: The Bears are …

Come to think of it, that’s a hard sentence to finish.

Good? They’re 5-3. Bad? Their offense is stuck in low gear. Fun? Please.

The Bears, who are scheduled for a visit with the Titans on Sunday, are sort of a riddle in that they can look like anything from a contender (see: the win against the Buccaneers) to a total pretender (see: the debacle against the Rams). Then again, maybe there’s no riddle and they’re simply just another run-of-the-mill team on the pay-no-mind list of most fans around the country.

In “Polling Place,” your weekly home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we asked for the word that best suits this squad.

“Undisciplined,” @KyMart29 offered.

Yep. That, too.

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Halfway through the season, the Bears are 5-3. What term best describes the team?

Upshot: The Titans game hasn’t even started yet, and already we’re aggravated. But that’s what following the travails of these Bears does to us, right? On the bright side: At least a majority of respondents opted for an answer other than “doomed.” Sheesh, that was kind of a dark choice.

Poll No. 2: If quarterback Nick Foles keeps struggling, should Mitch Trubisky get another shot to start?

Upshot: Trubisky has a shoulder injury, but he shouldn’t be out long. Of course, there’s a big difference between out and in. Clearly, not all Bears fans have given up on the guy. As @the_fed_23 put it: “NEVER. SHOULD. HAVE. BENCHED. 10.” Period.

Poll No. 3: The Bears — their offensive line in disarray — are at the 5-2 Titans on Sunday. Your prediction?

Upshot: Your Uncle Earl was next on the list for a call from coach Matt Nagy to suit up as an emergency tackle. On the one hand: Derrick Henry and the Titans’ feared running game. On the other: a glued-together mess in front of Foles and David Montgomery. So what else is new?